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Opening Day 9th April 2011

President's wife Sheila Nicol

Club President Iain Nicol watched his wife Sheila deliver the jack
to start the season in lovely warm sunny weather once again.


Cold watchers

At home against Crieff on Wednesday 4th May.


George checking a measure

George checking a measure.


Cold wet ladies

Ladies League at home on Thursday 5th May.


More wet ladies

Wasn't it wet!


Ladies Open Pairs

Ladies open pairs final Sunday 12th June
spectators - plenty more indoors.



Semi-Finalists E. McLintock and B. Coghill.


Runners up

Runner-up Margaret Palmer and Mary Clark
of Dunning.


Ladies Winners

Winners S. Coupar and L. Grant.



Saturday 25th June, too late for bowling.


Didn't our garden look good in July for the St Paul's Salver Competition and BBQ.
It is maintained mostly by Emma, Pat, Helen, Jim and Moira, with Iain looking after the green itself.

Jim Brown Benny Clark
Emma and Moira Cathie
Iain Cathie Iain and Helen

Cathie presented the winners' Salver
to Helen with President Iain looking on.

Our ladies team did well to get
to Ayr but were unsuccessful there.

Ladies at Ayr
Stuart and Stewart

And back to cold and rain in August for the
Gents Championship Final :- Stuart V Stewart.

Ladies League winners

Wilma Smith (Luncarty Bowling Club) Perth & District Ladies League President, presenting the
trophy to Moira Warren of Dunning Bowling Club. Looking on are Dunning members
Pat McArthur, Mary Clark, Joan Burrows, Liz Piggot, Cathie Falconer.

The Rita Laing Trophy enjoyed
a day of unusually lovely weather.

Rita Laing Triples
Rita Laing Trophy

and the flowers were still looking good .

Some spectators almost dropped in
during the final.

Virgin Hot Air Balloon
Balloon interrupted the Final

and the final game was interrupted while
the competitors watched the flypast.

The winning team was
Treenie, Peter and Mary.

Winners Treenie, Peter and Mary

and for good measure some folk
played skittles afterwards.

Dunning Open Pairs Winners
Liam and Peter of Dunning.

Open Pairs Winners Liam and Peter

Closing of the green - a beautiful day!

Club Trophy Winners

Most of the club trophy winners.
(A few main winners were elsewhere.)

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