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If you're in Dunning looking at the wonderful floral displays on show in most gardens at this time of year, or if you're walking up the Den to see what blooms Nature has to offer, give yourself another treat. Wander up some of the right-of-way vennels and lanes in the village, and observe the flowers which are flourishing along the walls and fences lining these paths.

There you'll see a mixture of wildflowers as well as many cultivars which have either been deliberately planted or perhaps have been seeded by the thrushes, starlings and blackbirds which hunt these patches for food for their young.

For those who can't make it to Dunning in person, here are photos of a few of the flowers to be found along one such vennel. It's the one which leads from the old bleaching green on the north side of Dunning Burn to the Lower Granco then passing through to Ochil Gardens and beyond.

Broom (red cultivar) (14.8kb)
Broom (red cultivar)
Buttercups (wild) (12.1kb)
Buttercups (wild)
Centaurea (cornflower) (10.9kb)
Centaurea (cornflower)
Centaurea against stone wall (11.4kb)
Centaurea against stone wall
Honesty with silver grass (14.3kb)
Honesty with silver grass
Periwinkle and Columbine (13.3kb)
Periwinkle and Columbine
Stock (wild version) (12.4kb)
Stock (wild version)
Wild broom against wall (17.7kb)
Wild broom against wall
WS Vennel wild parsley (21.5kb)
WS Vennel wild parsley
Wild parsley (7.9kb)
Wild parsley
Yellow daisy (8.46kb)
Yellow daisy

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